Andaman Tour: Explore the Treasured Islands

The Andaman Islands, have the most primitive territory of the Indian subcontinent, are nestled approximately 1,000km off the east coast of the country. A cluster of about 300 islands, stretching from Sumatra range to Myanmar’s Arakan Yoma, this archipelago separates the Andaman Sea and the Bay of Bengal. The hypnotic beauty of nature and a range of adventure sports here attract many nature enthusiasts, who come to meet their appetite. , The Andaman Islands never disappoint them and bestow them the memories of a lifetime. Furthermore, there is interesting scrumptious weather, delicious cuisines, and tribe cultures to keep the revelers packing up the bags for Andaman trip¬†all year-round.

Thriving Eco-diversity

Andaman is perhaps the richest territory in India when it comes to eco biodiversity. The archipelago features almost all facets of nature, ranging from rolling hill to lush green forests and fascinating beaches & waterways to active volcano. The waters of Andaman have amazing coral reefs and marine life and have been acknowledged as one of the best places for diving and other water sports. 85 percent of the archipelago comes from forests, which are diverse and are packed of exotic flora and fauna. There are more than ten types of forests, supporting a profusion of epiphytes and orchids.

The rich wildlife legacy at Andaman attracts wildlife lovers and photographers from far and wide. Among the commonly found mammals are the wild pig, catarrhine, leopards, deer and the masked palm civet. Under the sea, there is a large population of dolphins, whales, and dugongs. Among the reptiles which can easily be seen at Andaman are saltwater crocodiles, cobra, pythons and the leatherback turtles most of these animals are protected and are found in the mahatma gandhi national park also known as jolly buoy island. For bird-lovers, the island is nothing short of a heaven. There are more than 300 species of birds; some of them are endangered and rare to see anywhere else.

Enticing Things to Do and See

The capital city Port Blair boasts a plethora of things of tourist interest. You can head to the museums like Anthropological Museum and Fisheries Museum to comprehend the interesting history of Andaman. However, the star attraction for history lovers is the Cellular Jail, which has a significant influence on India’s modern history. The Sound and Light Show here is truly not-to-miss for any visitor. Trekking to the beautiful Mount Harriet is another great experience, especially for nature-lovers. Fun-filled actions above the waterline also give your adrenaline a pump up. Havelock Island, Radhnagar Beach, and the Ross Island are some places where the best of water adventures can be savored.

Mahatma Gandhi Marina National Park is another place offering excellent scenic views and heart-throbbing adventures. A trip to the Barren Islands will let you see the only active volcano of Asia.

Where to Stay

Port Blair is bursting with a range of hotels to suit every need and budget. Fortune Resort Bay Island, Hotel Sinclair Bayview and Silver Sand Beach Resort are most popular names in the category. Havelock Island also has a handful of accommodation options in various price categories. If you want an outdoor stay, there are plenty of campsites to choose from.

When to Go

Though you can plan an Andaman tour any time of a year, February is the best time for a tryst with this magical island.

Unforgettable Andaman Experience

Once a small mound extending from Myanmar (Burma at that time) to Indonesia, ‘Andaman Islands’ is today a renowned eco-tourism center at the Indian subcontinent. A cluster of 572 undulating islands, Andaman & Nicobar is situated in the Bay of Bengal and dotted with numerous enchanting landscapes, dense forests and an array of flora & fauna. The topography of Andaman is hilly that pullulates with evergreen forests. Fascinating beaches are surrounded by green coconut palms and arousing rocky hills, which overall feature a magical natural charm coupled with fantabulous climatic conditions. Besides this, they offer the vacationers with excellent water-sports to explorein locations like jolly buoy near port blair . Other than that, rare species of plants and amazing wildlife are additional attractions for those on Andaman tour.

Travelers to Andaman can find unique peace and tranquility in the true lap of nature. So no doubt an Andaman trip is a blissful sojourn for those with sense of nature, though plentiful adventurous activities like trekking, camping, scuba-diving and water sports can also be enjoyed during tour to this isolated landmass. Offering so much to do and see, Andaman nicobar packages are in great demand nowadays. People from different parts of the country opt for Andaman packages and visit this wondrous land to explore matchless grandeurs gifted by Mother Nature. While being on an Andaman tour, it’s also impossible to avoid cultural, spiritual and historical variations of the island. Here people from varied religions live peacefully, and celebrate their traditions in their own ways. Exploring this wonderful cultural mix is a rewarding experience for tourists.Many local operators provide andaman packages from chennai Here is a list of a couple of Andaman holiday packages from c you need to visit on your Andaman holidays.

Neil Island

The Neil should be on your Andaman holiday package as it offers you a tranquil and relaxing holiday experience. The pace of life here is soothing and allows you to explore the natural beauty of the island at your own pace. The is only 40 km away from Port Blair and a short ferry ride away from the Havelock Island. This island is perfect for those individuals looking for a quiet getaway from the trouble of city life.

Havelock Island

Havelock Island is one of the most popular landmass in the Andaman archipelago and offers a more upbeat holiday experience as compared to Neil Island. Named after the British general Henry Havelock, this lankmass offers a variety of experiences for honeymooners, youngsters and families as well. The reason why you must add this island to your Andaman holiday is the fact that the island is known to offer some of the best diving spots in South Asia. Also known as the Backpackers paradise, the landmass has snowy white beaches which are packed with beach huts and tourists.

Ross Island

The Ross lies just a 20 minute boat ride away from Port Blair and offers a completely different Andman holiday experience to its visitors. The island is strewn with the ruins of buildings from the British Raj along with a healthy amount of jungle to add to its intrigue. In its day however, the island was fondly called as the Paris of the East but after the earthquake of 1941 and the Japanese invasion, not much remained. The island is the perfect destination for those looking to explore a forgotten old island where nature has taken back its property while the Victorian ruins lay merged with the jungle.

The Andaman holiday package you decide should allow you the opportunity to visit a number of Andaman islands to guarantee that you get a memorable experience.